var hitOffsetTop = 49; window.jQuery || document.write(' We're rolling suicide ✯

We're rolling suicide ✯

irish, i have shitty tattoo's and i'm currently in a relationship with Netflix

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fav twd characters → daryl dixon

"I’ve never eaten frozen yogurt. I’ve never had a pet pony. Never got nothin’ from Santa Claus. Never relied on anyone for protection before. Never sung out in front of a big group in public, like everything was fun. Like everything was a big game. I’m sure as hell never cut my wrists looing for attention!"

There’s the girl who has been planning her wedding for months, just like everything is normal. Oh, but she is also sleeping with the hot, lesbian junkie. How’s that for a prison cliche?

(Source: leamlchele, via insertsexytimehere)

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